About us


OKF GROUPE was created in december 2019 to fill the gap of some needs in logistics and forwarding services.
From 2005 to 2010, Lome Togo port authorities carried out studies and undertook major infrastructure works. The idea is to make the Port of Lome a transit hub for goods and cargo in transit to the countries of West and Central Africa. Projects are underway to create new port terminal and to extend the existing one. The aim was to double handling and storage capacity the Lomé Port. OKFGROUPE found in this Port boom an opportunity to create, innovate and bring their expertise in the logistics and transport field. 
To boost our competitivity, we register to become member for 5SLN. Five Star Logistics Network allowing us to work with 207 Network Partners in 275 cities in 121 countries. Today we have the capacity to handle  cargo from any port and airport in the world to Lome.